Ooh Shiny

Sooo. I got a laptop. :'D It's about time too, I had been asking for one for like ever and a half. Buuut, welll, I don't really know what to do with it, y'know?

I've hit a roadblock with where I 'hang' on teh internetz. I don't roleplay on gaiaonline as much as I used to, but I still go there every once in a while. Maybe i'll start roleplaying alot again?

Neopets.. eh. I just can't remember all of the birthdates and passwords to get into all my like 2358093965 accounts. So, that'll slide.

I could go write some stories, but I have no current inspiration. Maybe somethin'll come eventually, but for now it's kind of boring to stare at a blank word screen, y'know?

Actually, the most i've been doing online lately is kinda.. Playing toontown. Of all things, toontown. Heh. But, well, I can't do that on my little laptop baby, so i've hit a darned roadblock.

Any suggestions?


So i've been playing my DS a lot lately. Haha.

Mostly old games or games i've never finished.

I did play the new pokemon ranger game... but that's not the point. Well, really, what is the point? Hmm..

I've played recently;

Rune Factory
Rune Factory 2
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Pokemon Ranger (Lol, for 2 seconds, before I realized why I stopped playing)
Pokemon Pearl
MySims Kingdom
Harvest Moon DS Island of Happiness
Animal Crossing Wild World

But we all know all i'm really doing is biding my time and waiting for POKEMON PLATINUM. Yeah. 8D


Colorguard/band championships are on the 6th of December, my next competition. I'm excited. We haven't lost once, all year, in our division. So, i'm hoping to keep the title of S.C.S.B.O.A. champions, since our band won last year. (Southern California School Band & Orchestra Association, hosts the championships. "Battle of the Bands" I guess.) Apparently, no one has ever kept the title of champions twice in a row in the 1A division, which is what we're in. So we're hoping, begging, pleading, and scratching our way to the top.

Anyway, uh. I'll continue my story telling of my last liek, few years of school and stuff.. eventually. After championships? I guess? Heh. <3 That'sall
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Alright, so, some of you saw my mom's post a week or two ago with my rather emo story segment. If not, it's below. Now, it has a chapter to it. And, well, a renamed story title. Instead of Under the Crescent Moon, it's now Clockworks. Just cus it can be, dangit. xD

So, well, here's the first segment I wrote maybe a month or two ago. It's rather emo, and people have said deep.. Eh, it's teen angst at it's finest. xD


Weee, the teen angst.Collapse )


So that's what was posted a few weeks ago by my mom. From that, today, I created a chapter of a story. Originally it was supposed to have the name 'Under the Crescent Moon'. And, originally, the character in that little angsty part there was named Sakitu Rae Evangeline. Now, the character there is named Rae Alora Evangel. (Haha, her initials are R.A.E.!)

Anyway, she doesn't turn up anywhere in the main first chapter here, so don't expect her.


Clockworks Chapter 1Collapse )


So anyway.. I also have picturesss. I have a picture of Rae, with the main text in the angstyness above, and a picture of all of the characters together. Here's a list of current character namesCollapse )


Picture of all characters
Picture of Rae with text
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So woah. It's been....

So heyyy you guyysss..

I realized it's been 2 years since I last posted, with one of my stories that I never really finished.. Ahem.

Well, I remembered I had a live journal a few minutes ago when I searched moonshine246 on google and found out everything there was about me. :'D (Well, except some beacon girls thingamabob, but whatever.)

Anyway, let's talk about my life. xD

So! I entered high school last year, freshman year, and now i'm a sophmore. :3 Before I entered high school though, I tried out for the color guard team for the high school and made it. Then, over the summer I practiced and practiced with flags and rifles and sabers and stuff, and eventually made it actually /into/ the school year. Well, then the fun started.

Being out of middle school and thinking that there must be a smarter art teacher in the high school, I took art as my elective. Well, I was right about there being a smarter art teacher, and pretty much had fun in the class all year. For the year, instead of just drawing and practicing anime and manga styles, I tried other things. I did some abstract things, landscapes, even tried observational art of real objects. In the end, they all turned out pretty well, and were fun to make - so now I have a wider artistic range, yay! Haha.

Otherwise though, I had the normal. Science, math, english, and p.e. But my other periods - 6th and 7th - were taken up by color guard. Everyday we ran out to the miniature field in front of the school, re-spray painted the grass to look like the football field, and did our routine with the marching band. After a while of doing this every day, we ended up in the football and competition season. We scrambled around and did shows at the football games, then ran back and did competitions. It all ended up pretty well, i'd say...

In the end of field season - our band was 1st place in championships, our color guard was 1st place in championships as well as high guard over all of the competing color guards, and our percussion was 3rd place in championships. The picture is of the color guard captains holding our high auxiliary plaque. xD

Some of our shows are on youtube, if you wanna look. Just look for Charter Oak Marching Regiment or somethin, you'll probly find videos..

Anyway! That's only half the year. Haha, i'll post the rest of the year later. I'm sleepy.
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I got a new icon. Wewt.

And I got a picture. Wewt?


Buzz Lightyear ride:

I lost, but it was still fun..